Take your boat to Havsvidden, the most northern harbor with fuel on Åland.

The outbuilt harbor was planned to blend in naturally with the surrounding nature. Here there are about 20 moorings and our boatguests are able to enjoy our poolhouse as well as the bar and restaurant by the reception.


To guarantee a spot, please book through www.dockspot.com a day before arrival at the latest. The rest of the spots are not able to be booked and are treated on a ”first-come, first-served basis”.


The mooring fee for drop in is 40€/night including entrance to the poolhouse with showers and sauna.

Washing machines are available as well as the possibility to buy breakfast tickets at the hotel.


By entering north east of Havsvidden, head 220 degree south west and keep port side close to the cliffs. Upon entering the harbour you will see rocks sticking up from the sea. Make sure this rock is on your starbord side.  There is a navigation mark to ensure safe sailing into the harbour.

Max dept at the dock side is 2,3 meters for the first 10 dock spaces and the lowest is 1,5 meters. Boats larger than 60 feet might have a challenge to manuever in the harbour without bow trusters.

Coordinates N 60º 25´ 3" and E 19º 54´ 7".