Havsvidden Resort – a place where the sky meets the sea

Havsvidden Hotel is located in Northern Åland, dispersed in the red granitcliffs by the sea and next to the spectacular nature. The environment of Havsvidden is always amazing despite the weather, whether the sun is shining and it is warm in the summer, or whether it is stormy and snowing in the winter.

The main building contains reception, bar, restaurant and lounge, and provides a setting for conferences and parties. Our guests can choose accommodation in a hotel room or in a cottage. Better said own houses which we at Havsvidden call cliffhouses and are located on the cliffs. All our houses have a magestic view through the windows which give a panorama view of the sea.

Havsvidden also has a boat harbour for approximately 20 boats. Moreover, we have saunas, in door swimming pool and a jacuzzi located on the terrace of our pool house. We also have separate dressing rooms for women and men. Outside the pool house, at the big terrace, our guests can enjoy beautiful sunsets during the summer months.




As a reaction to the COVID- 19 virus situation, the hotel will be closed in May. It is still possible to book a stay in our cliffhouses with the self catering option when the hotel is closed. Warmly wlecome and keep safe! 


PLEASE NOTE: We have started building a bigger pool house by the sea. Because of the enlargement our jacuzzi will not be available until the pool house is ready for the summer season 2020. We like to apologize for any inconvinience this may cause. The sauna and in house pool is open as usual. Warmly Welcome!



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