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Activities in Havsvidden and in Åland

There is activities to all ages and degrees of difficulty in Havsvidden. The smallest guests can take a walk in the forest or a walk with tips and simple questions and adults can choose from taking a sauna bath with ”DIY SPA” and products from Care of Gerd, cycling through the forest or jogging on the cliffs.

We can offer group activities to groups booked in advance like playful speedy pentathlon with cooperation with Smartpark, yoga classes, gym and mission Havsvidden which is a nice competition where you try to find out the answers to questions from the whole hotel area. We can also arrange kayaks through Nimin and cooking activities with cooperation with Smakbyn. Please contact us for a suggestion to your group and budget by email [email protected]


Havsviddenin Harbour

Take your boat to Havsvidden, the most northern harbor with fuel on Åland. The outbuilt harbor was planned to blend in naturally with the surrounding nature. Here there are about 20 moorings and our boatguests are able to enjoy our poolhouse as well as the bar and restaurant by the reception.   To guarantee a spot, please book through www.dockspot.com a day before arrival at the latest. The rest of the spots are not able to be booked and are treated on a ”first-come, first-served basis”.   The mooring fee for drop in is 40€/night including entrance to the poolhouse with showers and sauna. Washing machines are available as well as the possibility to buy breakfast tickets at the hotel.   IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR SECURE ENTRANCE TO THE HARBOUR. By entering north east of Havsvidden, head 220 degree south west and keep port side close to the cliffs. Upon entering the harbour you will see rocks sticking up from the sea. Make sure this rock is on your starbord side.  There is a navigation mark to ensure safe sailing into the harbour. Max dept at the dock side is 2,3 meters for the first 10 dock spaces and the lowest is 1,5 meters. Boats larger than 60 feet might have a challenge to manuever in the harbour without bow trusters. Coordinates N 60º 25´ 3" and E 19º 54´ 7".

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Mission Havsvidden

Team competition Mission Havsvidden Mission Havsvidden is an activity which has both ingenious and physical challenges. The minimum number of participants is 10 and the activity is suitable for different kind of groups. In the competition the group answers to questions in a given time. If the group doesn’t take all the control points in the competition in time, they will need to make a decision of which activities they take in order to get so many points as possible. Teamwork and planning are in a significant role, and there should be many participants taking part at some parts during the mission. Clothes should be sporty and comfortable, and trainers are recommended. Participants can also take swimming suits with them in order to take a bath after the activity. Mission Havsvidden takes about one hour, and the most important thing to know is that it takes place outside. Price €25.00/person inclusive a cool drink after the activity

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DIY SPA and sauna

Experience the classical bath and sauna tradition Havsvidden’s poolhouse is  small, nice and located close to the harbour. Our dressing rooms are quite small, so we recommend that you change your clothes to bathrobes in your hotel room. Take a sauna bath and enjoy the view of the sea. Take a cool dip in the pool or in the sea outside, or relax for a moment in the jacuzzi in the terrace with a amazing view over the sea. If you want to relax some more in the poolhouse, we recommend Havsvidden’s ”DIY SPA ritual” with ecological conditioning skin products from Care of Gerd. You can buy these products in the reception in the hotel or in the poolbar. DIY SPA consists of five products which you can use in the shower and in the sauna and the whole ritual takes about 35-40 minutes and leaves a wonderful feeling in your body and mind! A finnish tradition is a chimneyless sauna and you can book it to your group which even includes a wood-heated tub. The tub should be booked in advance because it takes 24 hours to heat up. Price € 390.00 for occasion/group for both chimneyless sauna and tub. Havsvidden Poolbar is open during the high season. From there you can buy drinks and small dishes. Poolhouse’s opening hours are 10:00-22:00 every day under the high season, but under the low season poolhouse is only open on Fridays and Saturdays. The pool house is only for the guests of our hotel where we cannot unfortunately take other guests.Massage In Havsvidden you are able to enjoy a relaxing and beneficial massage which makes the relaxing experience unique in combination with the wonderful nature experience and good food which Havsvidden can only offer. Masseur has a long experience of both relaxing Spa-Massage and classic and beneficial to muscles massage which are applied just for you. Price: Spa-massage eller health-massage  45€/25min     75€/60min     90€/90min Footmassage                                     40€/25 min    70€/60min We are offering massage from Monday to Saturday 13-18:00 from the week of midsummer to the end of August. On other cases according to demand. In order to book a massage, contact reception +358 18 49408 or e-mail [email protected]  In other questions concerning massage call +358 457 34 39 511  

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