In Havsvidden, located way up to the cape in the north of Åland it is easy to concentrate to conference’s information and working. Working in piece is combined with experiences close to nature which is our recipe to a successful conference. What is more, there is about 8 kilometres to the nearest road, so the participants can’t just ”stop by the city” in order to go on errands and in this manner the presence becomes 100%.

There fits 120 guests in our biggest space KULLING and 90 guests in our mest popular space STORM. The biggest conference group that we have had was 155 guests. They stood during the short informations and after that split up to smaller groups.

We cooperate with agencies in order to organize conference packets with transportation in a own bus with offices in the whole Stockholm Mälardalen to Gävle region. For more information please contact us by email [email protected]

Conference packets

We can help you to form the frames for your conference so that it fits into your concept and your goal. Or do you prefer an offer which is ready to use? We have a lot of experience of both in small and big meetings. We have organised some conference packets which we know that suits many groups, both in the content and in the duration.

Door to door, the favourite packet among our guest!

Day 1 

Guests are picked up from the office eller meeting place with a own buss in the morning and after that are taken to Grisslehamn and to the ship Eckeröline. In the boat brunch is served and the journey to Åland takes about 2 hours.

In Havsvidden the conference starts with a fika buffet where coffee and sweet and salt delicacies are served. Guests check in to the accommodation in a hotel room or a cliffhouse and start their conference in a suitable conference room. When the meeting ends we think that it is time for the guests to change to bathrobes and visit our nice poolhouse with sauna, showers and inside pool and jacuzzi in the terrace. Groups can even with a extra payment book our finnish chimneyless sauna and wood-heated tub. After the bath it is time to change clothes for the evening’s three course dinner which is served in the restaurant. After the dinner the guests can relax in the lounge with a cup of coffee or a drink until it is time to go to sleep in Havsvidden’s comfortable beds.

Day 2

Breakfast is served and after that the conference room is ready for day’s working. The noon fika is served when it is time for a pause, and after that the participants have an opportunity to work until lunch before checking out and saying good bye to Havsvidden. Bus takes the guests to Berghamn and after that to Eckeröline and towards Grisslehamn. In the boat delicious buffet is served and there is also maybe some time to visit the taxfree shop. Bus takes the guests towards their home and guests will eat something after the long day at the office late in the afternoon.

The following is included:

Boatrip with Eckerö Linjen or Viking Line
Brunch in the boat
Accommodation in a standard room without a view to the sea
Afternooncoffee with a buffet
Admission to the poolhouse
Three courses dinner excl. drinks
Conference room with equipments

Price from € 220.00/ person. Please ask us for a personal group offer by email [email protected]

havet vid Havsvidden